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As a mother of three girls, I'd say Tik Tok is the main reason young girls are getting into skincare so early. The only thing I've discussed with my daughters, regarding skincare, is the importance of sunscreen. They know a heck of a lot about what's being offered in the skincare world though! Brands, gadgets, ingredients - they're up on it.

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TikTok is absolutely the draw, with brands and regimens looking like fun — but it’s the prevailing message that the products are needed “to slow down aging” that is the concern. As parents we may not be able to overcompensate for social media, but when we don’t create our own frenzy about aging — and are role models as you have been about sunscreen — we have a better chance.

I take pride in being part of future brand conversations — there are so many incredible entrepreneurs who want to do better for kids, and have/are developing products that are safer and age appropriate. Fun included.

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Thank you so much for the awareness of beauty and self care that you bring through your writing once again !

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dear Christine, I have been paying attention to the teen skin topic for a while, first with my niece and godsons, then with my own kids. I remember well when many brand, when questioned ten or so years ago, said that the margins in that segment are tiny, with which I strongly disagreed - and current explosion of brands catering - rightfully & supposedly - to teen and young skin needs is exploding. I wrote a post last year about the best ways to talk to teens about skincare and make-up and have to say that it resonated with both parents and teens.

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